Charlie Savigar

It could have been a different story!

Charlie Savigar is a British Composer and Songwriter based in Brighton. Her Music has been featured on BBC, ITV and CBeebies and internationally including France 5, Japanese broadcasting and 7 Network Australia. Although she is now a full time musician, It could have turned out very different, had she chosen to pursue her other love in life - sport. Throughout her formative years, and even during her university days, Charlie participated in a number of different sports. Highlights included being part of the England Women’s Lacrosse World Cup training squad, and, more recently, being selected to play football for Tottenham Hotspur Ladies.

Indeed, sport and music stood side by side in Charlie’s life until she made the decision to study Music at university in London.


After being diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy as a child, Charlie’s main form of escapism was writing music for the piano. This helped calm her moods and controlled her emotions. There were some tough times, especially after seizures and having to get used to different types of medication, but Charlie’s love of writing music helped her through these times.

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An interesting encounter

Through her piano teacher, Charlie was fortunate to meet Status Quo frontman Francis Rossi when she was 17. Taking an interest in Charlie’s wacky song-writing style, Francis has offered much support and advice over the years. Indeed his encouragement inspired Charlie to form her own band. Over the years her band have performed at many events and festivals including 'Rockfield' in Wales and 'Weyfest'. Charlie and guitarist Daren Callow have also performed in Europe, Nashville, USA and Santiago, Chile.

Get In Line

In 2013 Charlie brought out an Americana album entitled 'Get In Line' with independent record label The Animal Farm. The Music Union reviewed the album and described it as: "This country rock release parades a commercial touch and the influences of rock royalty such as Status Quo frontman Francis Rossi. Light-hearted and life-affirming".

The future’s bright…the future’s purple!

Although Charlie still enjoys performing live both with her band and as part of acoustic duo 'Dare to be Charlie', she has chosen to focus on her classical roots and is currently working with a number of Music libraries writing in a variety of genres (check out the Listen icon).

Alongside writing library music, Charlie has also enjoyed writing the music to a number of short films and documentaries for both independent filmmakers as well as students from The Brighton Film School.

In addition to her music endeavours, Charlie also writes a blog called Positive Mental Attitude. Here you can discover techniques for developing a more positive outlook towards life as well as daily affirmation videos and general 'feel good' tips.

A miscellaneous fact: Charlie has an obsession with all things purple. Some items from the ‘purple collection’ are her engagement ring, watch, electric guitar and mouse mat to name a few!

Charlie Savigar picture Charlie Savigar picture Charlie Savigar picture Charlie Savigar picture